The production process


As a company, we undertake to transport our producers’ olives to our oil mill on our own, company-owned vehicles.  The olives are transported in jute sacks so as to remain amply ventilated and retain their quality.

Olive Washing & Pressing

Once the olives have reached the oil mill they are immediately conveyed to the pressing facilities where their initial washing takes place, always using clean, potable water and special lifts so that the olives may not be bruised.  The space where the olive oil is extracted is kept separate from the remaining facilities where the olives are delivered and stored so health safety conditions may remain at an optimal level.

Olive grinding

The next step is crushing the olives in the grinder.  The ensuing paste (cake) is channelled to special malaxing equipment where it rests for approximately 45 minutes (maximum time). 

Waste removal

Once the malaxation has ended, the paste is channelled to the decanter where the olive oil is separated from its solids and vegetable water.

Oil Separator

Next, to ensure further purity of our olive oil, we pass it through the oil separator where the final stage of olive oil production takes place. 

Collection & Storage

Olive oil is collected and stored in stainless steel tanks.  Maintenance of the raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials and objects, and semi-processed and final products is carried out in a controlled environment.


We then filter our olive oil using state-of-the-art filters.  Last, we standardize it under modern health safety conditions using automated production lines.  

We do all that within the framework of our philosophy on safeguarding the quality and safety of our products and on ensuring that the end consumer enjoys premium quality services.