CRETEL S.A. was established in 1988 as a General Partnership by the Brothers Kargakis.

Its first steps in the sector were based on one olive oil production plant with the company at the time mainly engaged in the collection and processing of virgin olive oils from the fertile olive growing area of Southern Crete.

In 1995, the company stepped up, onto another level: It became a Societé Anonyme (S.A.) and, by means of considerable investments, acquired two more state-of-the-art production plants and established its very own ultra-modern oil mill.

Two years later, with a view to ongoing development and improvement of its potential, the company expanded in the sector of standardization and acquired its first facility for standardizing, packaging, and storing olive oil.

In 2003, the company modernized itself further by means of the latest trends in olive oil standardization and packaging equipment.  It also went on to increase its olive oil storing capacity.  In that manner, our company became able to monitor the entire process involved in the making of olive oil, from processing the actual olives to the last stage of olive oil standardization.

All of the procedures the company follows are carried out in thoroughly ecologically sound facilities and under optimal health safety conditions, responsibly addressing consumer needs.