Only nonreusable bottled olive oil in Greek restaurants

Only nonreusable bottled olive oil in Greek restaurants

As of January 1, 2018, food service enterprises will be banned from using reusable bottles on their tables and will be obliged to provide only labeled, sealed and nonreusable bottle (or other type of container) of olive oil

The Economy Ministry has already voted for this since April, saying that reusable packages pose a hygiene risk to customers and do not honor our olive oil, while it will be up to the restaurant to decide whether it will charge extra for it.

Spain, Portugal and Italy have already followed this path for years, seeing their olive oil become more famous and recognizable throughout the world.

Clients and consumers will now have the chance to taste the very best of Cretan extra virgin olive oil while restaurants and taverns can provide a superior quality of food, strengthening their icon and status and promoting the excellent variety of Crete’s olive oil all over the world.

Meanwhile, olive oil producers strongly hope that this new regulation will help them build stronger recognition for their brands and even bolster sales and exports to markets throughout the world. 

It is time for Cretan olive oil to start getting what it's worth: the roof of the world!